The qualification of IFS HPC auditor is very difficult to obtain, the prerequisites (technical audit experience, years of expertise...) but above all the technical and regulatory knowledge, make it a real challenge. This is what makes our team so advanced in its field, and this is the reason why the number of qualified IFS HPC auditors in the world does not exceed 50.

We are therefore very happy and proud to announce that Fayssoil has just joined Julie & Pascale in the team of IFS HPC qualified auditors!

Congratulations to him for his work and his commitment!

Whose turn now...?

ATeCQ is 20 years old...!

20 years.

It all started 20 years ago, in a small office in Marseille.

20 years that our best partners have been by our side, joined by new ones.

20 years that we travel the world & the factories.

20 years that we train, that we pass on, to always stay at the forefront.

20 years of collaborating & developing new projects with our partners.

20 years of working for safer quality, ever more CSR factories.

How to celebrate? No champagne or petit fours, no reception room or photographer.

Just our team, our families, the sun & the lavender of Provence to celebrate together the joy of doing a job around values that bring us together.

A party in our image, simple & authentic.

ATeCQ is above all...

... a company of Quality & CSR Consultants.

Created 20 years ago by Pierre-Philippe GAVELLE with the support of his previous clients, our company is specialized:

  • in the Quality & CSR Technical Audit of consumer non-food products;
  • in Quality & CSR Consulting to support all types of structures (distributors, manufacturers, marketers, etc.);

In 2021, Pierre-Philippe GAVELLE retires from the management and leaves the management of ATeCQ to his 2 partners:

  Julie GAVELLE & Pascale MENGUAL.

In brief…

Experience of products, processes.

The Qualifications of our auditors (IRCA, BRC CP, IFS HPC & Broker...)

Expertise of manufacturing sites (more than 3000) and normative and regulatory requirements.

In a few figures...

A 20 years’ expertise

5 experienced auditors 

Over than 3.000 second part audits since 2003 all over the world.

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